Thursday, 24 January 2013

Raw eggs make you sick.

 There is a perception among people that cooking foods reduces their nutrient content, hence the practice of consuming raw eggs for the sake of body building and getting muscled up. Raw eggs are most commonly used as substitutes for protein shakes.  Drinking raw eggs for health purposes is a tenacious myth.

Eggs are of course a great source of protein. The perfect solution for a low fat breakfast having only 75 calories and 5 gm of fat, they also contain iron, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and antioxidants (recent research at the University of Alberta). They are a powerhouse for good health, an egg a day keeps a doctor away…with new research it has been observed that an egg a day does not result in high cholesterol levels or heart disease. (The 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee)

Can this nourishing food be harmful if eaten raw?
Foods do not get more natural and healthy when eaten raw, there is no clinically study proving that cooking the egg can destroy its protein content or nutritive value.
Although raw eggs can have the most disastrous effects; have you heard of salmonella and Listeria poisoning. Salmonella most commonly found in the egg yolk is a wicked bacterium responsible for food poising. If you have a weak immune system consumption of raw eggs can be lethal. Raw eggs also contribute to the cause of a biotin deficiency. Avidin a protein present in raw eggs does not allow absorption of biotin.

Uncooked eggs are a very bad idea unless they are from an organic source, which is still not without its risks.  Stepping away from the light of science doesn't do much good as raw eggs taste awful and slimy. Why gobble raw eggs when you can eat a yummy omelet with vegetables and herbs.     

       Raw eggs are bad news!

A 20-year-old man in Tunisia died after eating 28 raw eggs in a bet with friends. Fatnassi managed to eat 28 raw eggs before he complained of severe stomach pains. He was rushed to a nearby hospital. Fatnassi was pronounced dead on arrival. The official cause of death has not been determined.

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