Saturday, 9 February 2013

water for life

Get Thirsty

A Nutrient that’s most abundant and most important, of course we are talking about Water.  Few years back this essential life giver wasn't included in the food pyramid but recent research has caused water to be included at the very base of all food pyramids, considering its importance.  Generally treated as invaluable and taken for granted water is often neglected.

How much water is needed in a day?
Eight ounce glasses a day. Really! Nope…. not eight separate glasses. This water includes water in foods & beverages. Have a glass of purity in the morning, after a workout, with lunch & dinner as soup, in a refreshing beverage or lime juice.

Did you know that water makes up of 75% of our total body weight; Initial weight loss is therefore referred to as loss of water weight. Water is essential for all physiological functions digestion, maintaining body temperature, nutrient transport also metabolism. All the systems of our body depend on water. It is also responsible for flushing out toxins from our body.  Apart from being natures fantastic drink, water is also considered an agent of purity in many religion…catholic’s call it the holy water and use it for baptism. It also holds great importance in other religions including Hindu, Islam and Judaism.

The element of life has great benefits. A quick list...
Its helps weight loss
It reduces the risk of heart attacks                                                      
Does not allow any laziness keeping the body hydrated
Healthy skin
Helps digestion
Cures headaches
Reduces risk of cancer
Cold water Vs Room temperature
Some nutritionist believes that drinking cold water helps weight loss as the body works harder to regulate temperatures, this leading to calories burning. The body however absorbs water at room temp quicker that ice cold water.

Vitamin water
Also know as enhanced water, it is a beverage that is categorized as water but is not our same old thirst quenching H20, It’s boosted with quite a few factors. Such as flavoring agents, sweeteners, vitamins, electrolytes and minerals quite the prescription for health! But can it beat the purity of our very original sparkling elixir. Although vitamin water is quite a pleasant alternative for colas and soft drinks it may not be as sparkling as it seems to be.  Center for Science in the Public Interest has sued a leading brand of vitamin water calming that it is not as health friendly as advertised and violates certain Food and Drug Administration guidelines.


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